I am passionate about  the environment and believe in creating beautiful, practical artwork out of things that other people consider “trash”.  In a small way this is my contribution to saving our planet.  I take my inspiration from found objects and what I see around me.  I’m constantly inspired by what other great artists around the world are doing with recycled objects.

I focus on bespoke pieces that find their inspiration either from the raw materials, the setting, or the client brief and every piece is unique.  Each piece is made with love and attention to detail.

Through my creations I hope to inspire an awareness in others as to how fragile our planet is and what we can do to change the misconception that once an item has been used, it must be thrown away, to that of “how can I use this plastic bottle/tin can/egg box/newspaper again?”  After all, the packaging was also paid for when the item it held was purchased, it has value